The story of the beginnings of our church and how we became what we are today.

The heritage of Plum Grove Missionary Baptist Church is rich indeed. Founded in the year 1900 in the home of Deacon T. H. Hutton, the father of Deacon John Hutton and Charles Hutton.

After meeting for a while under a brush arbor on the McCain Place, later moving to the Walker Place and then to the John Kennedy Place where the loft of the
barn was used for services.

In 1904, a spot of land was purchased and a small church was erected and named Plum Grove Baptist Church by Sister Nancy Billiam. The Reverend A. L. Lewis was called as a Pastor. The building also served as a school with Mrs. Velma Slaughter as teacher. The building was destroyed by a storm in 1909.

In the year 1911, under the pastorate of Reverend Matthew, fifty-two people were added to the church roll. Reverend Taylor served as Assistant Pastor during
his time. The Reverend R. J. Jones and the Reverend W. J. Long followed.

Under the leadership of the Reverend S. V. Mosely in 1935, the church was remodeled and later the present church was built (now remodeled).

In 1952, the Reverend Virgil Spencer was called as Pastor until 1960 when the Reverend Sam Walto became pastor and served until the Reverend J. R. Thomas
was called as pastor. Each added a new dimension to the church building through remodeling.

In 1983, the Reverend Walter L. Robinson became our 6th pastor. Pastor Robinson led in the remodeling efforts of the church to it present stage in addition
to the purchase of two additional lots. His strong leadership, preaching and teaching had a direct impact on the growth of the church. In 1999, the cornerstone
for the addition was laid. In 2000, Pastor Robinson and the church family called the Rev. Tyshawn Gardner, then associate minister at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, to serve as the assistant Pastor. As a result of the strong bond and mutual respect and love of Pastor Robinson and Rev. Gardner, the church continued to experience spiritual and relational growth. In December of 2001, Pastor Robinson retired after almost 20 years of faithful service to the Plum Grove Baptist Church, and in January of 2002 the church family unanimously chose Pastor Tyshawn Gardner as it 7th pastor and leader.

Under Pastor Gardner’s visionary leadership, the Plum Grove Church family has, by the grace and power of God, experienced tremendous growth in every area: New members and new disciples have been added, improvements to the administrative structure and systems, 15 new ministries have been added, Sunday School and Bible Study attendance has increased, a scholarship for qualified high school seniors, additional land has been purchased, as well as many other additions and improvements. Pastor Gardner’s teaching has led the church to embrace the vision of wholistic ministry; a ministry which serves and empowers the “whole man” in the community. Pastor Gardner teaches a “every member in ministry” concept, which stresses individual spiritual development and service, through learning, knowing, and practically living the Word of God. The Plum Grove Baptist Church is a fellowship of down to earth, fun, loving and excited Christians. The church continues to invest heavily in its youth and actively engages in the lives of its elderly.

The Plum Grove Baptist Church is an active participant in the New Antioch Bethlehem District Association, as well as a member of the National Baptist Convention, Inc. Having celebrated over 100 years of worship and service, the Plum Grove Baptist church strives to be a beacon of light in the West side Tuscaloosa community for all the state, nation and world to see to the end that the Father is glorified, in the glorious name of our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.

We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow!